Revitaplant Eco-control

designed to improve efficiency of sewage treatment systems, through a better quality of and faster wastewater disposal

10 l
«Ревитаплант Eco-control» — жидкое био удобрение


Biological components: Bacillus spp., Lactobacillus spp., Candida sp.


WhereWhat forWhenRates
Livestock wastesSpeeding-up decomposition of organic matter and other components in the wastesRegular addition to the sewage upon accumulation70–200 g per 1 m3
Animal/bird house litter or livestock premisesFor sanitary treatment of livestock farmhouses4 preventive treatments a month5-10g per 1 m2


The microbiological formula Revitaplant Ecocontrol is made specifically for livestock and poultry facilities to eliminate specific unpleasant odors. It reduces the concentration of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in the air, normalizing the microclimate of operational premises, eliminates the viscous sediment of manure during its storage, as well as fat deposits and blockages, helping avoid processing activities and improving wastewater characteristics, and prevents the occurrence of pathogenic microflora and disease foci at animal and poultry slaughter and processing plants.


The biological formula is input into dunging drains and pits, to litter conveyor belts, litters, settling tanks, manure tanks, as well as to a screw conveyor. Non-toxic and safe for animals.

Designed to increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment systems, accelerating and improving the quality of the disposal procedure. It is used at the sewage pre-treatment stage, as well as at the stages of biological treatment and mechanical dewatering and disposal of sewage sludge.

Ingredients and effect

The formula contains Bacillus spp., Lactobacillus spp. or Candida sp. (109 titre) ensuring the following:

  • lower toxic gas concentration;
  • eliminate odor pollution;
  • prevent manure sedimentation and top caking;
  • lower process water consumption;
  • reduce the dunging sewage at pig farms;
  • accelerate obtaining organic fertilizer through composting fresh manure down to 30-45 days;
  • reduce the negative impact on the environment;
  • restore the operation of biological treatment system and activated sludge system;
  • improve the quality of wastewater treatment and normalize pollutant characteristics;
  • solve the problem of cost-effective and environmentally friendly processing of the cake into an organic fertilizer;
  • switch from the sewage hazard class III to V

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