Liquid bio fertilizer

Revitaplant Seeds BIO

A bio fertilizer used for sowing grain — designed to treat seeding material.

10 l
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Revitaplant Seeds BIO — liquid bio fertilizer for seed planting material


Biological components: Lactic acid bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, yeast

Goals / Purpose

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As far as is known the saturation of the soil with a variety of elements and the presence of bacteria in it are dependent phenomena. So, if there are few bacteria, then the growth of plants, even if there is a sufficient amount of various elements, will slow down and the plants will not develop normally. To eliminate the deficiency of bacteria in soils, special fertilizers called bacterial, are used.

Revitaplant BIO Seeds is a formula that improves the nutrition of all plants. The most interesting thing is that there are no nutrients among the ingredients of the bacterial fertilizer itself, however, as soon as they get into the soil together with seeds, they begin to normalize the biochemical processes in the soil that occur in it, therefore, plant nutrition becomes better and more complete.

Revitaplant BIO Seeds

  • promotes rapid seed swelling and germination;
  • after seed treatment with the formulation, biochemical and physiological processes in seeds speed up;
  • the enzymes help transform complex chemical compounds into simple soluble compounds and become available for the embryo nutrition;
  • beneficial microflora colonizes the seed surface, which protects the seeds and sprouts from infections;
  • a soaking solution of 1: 100 (1 tablespoon of the formulation per 1 liter of water) can be used to increase resistance to various diseases.


PHOTOSYNTHETIC BACTERIA (Rhodopseudomonas palustris, Rhodobacter capsulatus, Rh. Gelatinosa group) synthesize beneficial substances, vitamins, aminoacids, sugars, stimulate plant growth and development and are involved in photosynthesis.

YEAST FUNGI (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) synthesize antibiotic and plant-beneficial substances out of aminoacids and sugars, produce such active biologic substances as hormones and ferments that stimulate the growth point and thus, the root growth.

LACTIC ACID BACTERIA (lactobadllus casei, lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus fermentum group) generating lactic acid, protect plants from potentially pathogenic bacteria and fungi that provoke plant diseases. Lactic acid bacteria help decompose lignins and crude fibers and ferment those.

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