Liquid integrated fertilizer

Revitaplant Cereals (foliar application)

Integrated chelated fertilizer — designed for a foliar application on winter- and spring-sown cereals, flax and buckwheat.

10 l
Usage rate:

Revitaplant Cereals (foliar application) — complex liquid fertilizer for foliar application


Active ingredient content, by metal mass g/l

Amino acids: 80 g/l

Goals / Purpose

Input rateInput stageRemarks
Input rate: 1–2 l/haInput stage: Winter-sown wheat and winter barley: TilleringRemarks: Post-winter plant recovery, lowering herbicide treatment stress, enhancing mineral nutritionDetails
Input rate: 1–2 l/haInput stage: Winter-sown wheat and winter barley: Tillering -earing Remarks: Remedy of nutrient deficitDetails
Input rate: 1–2 l/haInput stage: Flag leaf – panicle formationRemarks: Stimulation of plant vegetative growthDetails
Input rate: 1–2 l/haInput stage: Tillering – panicle formationRemarks: Nutrient deficiency remedyDetails
Input rate: 1–2 l/haInput stage: 1st pair of real leaves - floweringRemarks: Nutrient deficiency remedyDetails


It is used for foliar application, can be used as part of tank mixes with pesticides. Trace elements contribute to the development of a powerful branched root system, which ensures a more complete nutrient uptake by plants from the soil.

As a result, the resistance of plants to drought, cold, disease and other adverse environmental factors increases. With necessary number of microelements available, plants synthesize a full range of enzymes that ensure a more intensive use of energy, water, nutrients to form higher yields.

Foliar dressing of cereals is a tool of a timely handling of the processes that determine the yield and its quality at any period of the crop growing season, especially in extreme conditions.

In growing crops, three main critical periods can be distinguished when the need for nutrients is most acute:

sprouting — foliar application stimulates the growth of the main shoot, side shoot bud setting in the blastophyllum axil, as well as the growth of embryo root system;

tillering — booting start — this foliar dressing boosts morpho-physiological processes, ensuring secondary toot system gain;

flag leaf — tillering start — at this stage the foliar dressing increases flowering quality, grain formation and development.

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