Liquid integrated bio fertilizer

Revitaplant Cereals + PK + BIO

Integrated chelated phosphor and potassium microfertilizer with biologies, designed for a foliar application on cereals.

10 l
Usage rate:

Revitaplant Cereals + PK + BIO — complex liquid bio fertilizer for foliar application


Active ingredient content, by metal mass g/l

Amino acids: 80 g/l
Biological components: Bacillus subtilis, Methylobacterium extorquens

Goals / Purpose

CropInput rateInput stageRemarks
Crop: Fertilizer application rates CerealsCerealsInput rate: 2–3 l/tInput stage: Pre-sowing seed treatmentRemarks: Stimulating seed germination, root formation, enhancing immunity, increasing the efficiency of macro-fertilizers, contributes to the complete assimilation of nutrientsDetails


REVITAPLANT CEREALS+PK+BIO is a formulation for pre-sowing seed treatment with trace elements, being the most cost-saving and efficient way to use fertilizers along with foliar dressing.

Starting from autumn, winter crops have increased requirements to phosphor-potassium nutrition, which contributes to a more powerful development of the root system, the accumulation of carbohydrates in plants and increase in winter hardiness. CEREALS + PK + BIO is a fertilizer containing phosphorus, potassium, microelements and live symbiotic bacteria in a liquid form, which are specially selected for use on cereals (wheat, maize, rice, barley).

Ingredients and effect:

  • a complex of microelements compensates for substances lacking in the soil at the start of growth, which improves seed germination, development of the root system, improves immunity and stress resistance of plants.
  • phosphorus improves the formation of the root system and generative organs, flowering and fruit inception
  • potassium improves carbohydrate metabolism, filling and ripening, boosts immunity, frost- and drought resistance.
  • Bacillus subtilis (CFU 2.5 * 109) is living vegetative cells, spores and a culture fluid that have an anti-fungal effect due to their microbial products, inhibiting the growth of phytopathogenic microorganisms, propagation of many fungal and bacterial plant diseases.
  • Methylobacterium extorquens (CFU 1*109) is a bacterium of the alpha-protobacteria class, which stimulates growth, improves the root system development, the vitamin B12 formation in plant cells, as well as a complex of trace elements. As soon as this formula enters the soil with seeds, thanks to the bacteria, biochemical processes in the soil become normal.

On getting into the soil, trace elements form sparingly soluble compounds near the grains, which is why it is recommended to use water-soluble trace elements for seed treatment. For the harmonious development of crops, the stage of root system development and that of seed germination are very important. In these early period the intake of all the necessary nutrients by plants is of great importance.

Maintaining the required balance of macro-, meso- and micronutrients in the soil in an absorbable form is an extremely difficult task. It is important to consider that the lack of one element can lead to a significant deterioration in the absorption of others.

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