Liquid integrated fertilizer

Revitaplant Maize

Integrated chelated fertilizer used for grain sowing — designed to treat maize seed material.

10 l
Usage rate:

Revitaplant Maize — complex liquid fertilizer for seed planting material


Active ingredient content, by metal mass g/l

Amino acids: 80 g/l

Goals / Purpose

CropInput rateInput stageRemarks
Crop: Fertilizer application rates MaizeMaizeInput rate: 3 l/tInput stage: Maize (non-incrusted) – Seed material treatmentRemarks: Stimulation of seed sprouting ability and root formationDetails


REVITAPLANT MAIZE is a liquid chelate microfertilizer for foliar dressing.

During an early spring, when corn develops slowly, and the lack of micronutrient nutrition is a factor that greatly inhibits the development of crops, especially in low pH soils. During the growing season, maize absorbs a significant amount of trace elements, which play a significant role in all its vital processes. The individual feature of maize is that this crop features a vivid visual manifestation of zinc and iron deficiency.

This is due to the fact that for a high yield, maize has to have a well-developed vegetative mass, which requires a higher amount of growth substances, and iron and zinc are the ones that stimulate the synthesis of auxins - growth substances that the plant especially needs.

Any physiological problems caused by nutrient deficiency can be avoided by using Revitaplant Maize, a new domestic chelate fertilizer stimulating the following:

  • better metabolism;
  • nutrition and plant growth control at all development stages;
  • better protein synthesis;
  • better pollen tube growth;
  • fast pollen ripening;
  • an even grain-setting in a cob.

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