Liquid integrated bio fertilizer

Revitaplant Cereals + BIO

An integrated chelated bio-fertilizer used for grain sowing — designed to treat seed material of cereals adding bioproducts.

10 l
Usage rate:

Revitaplant Cereals + BIO — complex liquid bio fertilizer for seed planting material


Active ingredient content, by metal mass g/l

Amino acids: 80 g/l
Biological components: Bacillus subtilis, Methylobacterium extorquens

Goals / Purpose

CropInput rateInput stageRemarks
Crop: Fertilizer application rates CerealsCerealsInput rate: 2–3 l/tInput stage: Pre-sowing seed treatmentRemarks: Stimulation of seed sprouting, root formation, immunity boost, macrofertilizer efficiency increase, ensures full uptake of the nutrients.Details


As far as is known the saturation of the soil with a variety of elements and the presence of bacteria in it are dependent phenomena. So, if there are few bacteria, then the growth of plants, even if there is a sufficient amount of various elements, will slow down and the plants will not develop properly. To eliminate the deficiency of bacteria, treatments with special fertilizers called bacterial, are used.

Revitaplant Cereals + BIO is a formula improving plant nutrition. It also contains the following bacteria types:

Bacillus subtilis (CFU 2,5*109) — is living vegetative cells and spores and a culture fluid, acting as a fungicide by means of their waste products, that inhibit the growth of phytopathogenic microorganisms, inhibiting propagation of many fungal and bacterial plant diseases.

Methylobacterium extorquens (CFU 1*109) — is a bacterium of the alpha-protobacteria class, which stimulates growth, improves the root system development, the vitamin B12 formation in plant cells, as well as a complex of trace elements. As soon as this formula enters the soil with seeds, thanks to the bacteria, biochemical processes in the soil become normal.

Besides, Revitaplant Cereals + BIO features a powerful anti-stress, growth- and immunity stimulating properties, promoting a higher cereals productivity and reduction of repeated contamination.

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